A Seminar with Danielle Borra Iaido Kyoshi 7° Dan, Detlef Udelhoven Iaido Kyoshi 7° Dan, Jodo Renshi 6° Dan, Claudio Zanoni Iaido Renshi  7° Dan Iaido – Jodo 3° Dan e Nino Dellisanti Jodo Renshi 6° Dan – Iaido 5° Dan. This seminar will include aspects of Seitai Iaido and also Koryu Kata from Muso Shinden Ryu and Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. The presence of the English Sensei will be confirmed only at the last moment.

This event has limited numbers for participants due the COVID-19. The seminar is open to members of EKF and members of CIK (all grades: Dan and Kyu). Prior registration is mandatory.

The event is subject to possible changes based on the new regulations and based on the evolution of the pandemic in Italy.

For more details please contact us: simply fill up the form.

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